What We Love About Working at LMM

We asked Lighthouse Mission staff why they love working here and what gets them excited to come to work everyday. Here are their responses:

What gets me excited about working here is that each day is uniquely its own and almost anything is possible! I’ve gotten to be a part of people getting housed, finding jobs, starting school, reuniting with their families, and accepting Jesus! I’ve also gotten to be with people in their final days and participate in our memorial service where their lives are celebrated with dignity and love. To be a voice and an advocate for marginalized people is one of the fiercest ways I’ve experienced love in my life. It is sometimes painful but mostly beautiful.

Kellie-Anne, Crisis Services Assistant Manager

What motivates me is: 1) The people here, a unique and diversified people coming together to serve and help the guests back on their feet; 2) To see the unity of the body of believers praying for change of the guests who choose to take part and engage life again; 3) I like the people I work with. That means a lot when you’re with them day in and day out; 4) We are building God’s Kingdom here on the earth for eternal purposes; 5) It’s a great place to work. P.S. Praise the Lord for this opportunity!

Mike, Restoration Technician

What motivates me to do the work that I do at Agape Home is the love that I have for people; ultimately, it reflects my love for God and the love He has for me. I remember when I was lost, full of pain, angry, and destitute. It was in my bondage that God used many circumstances and people to soften my heart to humility — a godly sorrow that lead me to repent and give my life to God. God saved me despite me unconditionally, and by that same love and truth, I serve that Christ may be revealed as the answer.

Marcelle, Agape Home Case Manager

I love that each day is so unpredictable. There’s an energy with all the different women and children – so much going on all the time. Conversations, revelations, victory over addiction, jobs secured, housing secured, children being reunited and goals being achieved!

Mary, Women’s Ministries Manager

Seeing people’s lives change!

Justin, Operations Manager

I get to walk next to our guests through their tough days and their good days. Everyday I learn something new and everyday I am blown away by the success stories that happen at Base Camp and out on Outreach.

Dane, Outreach Assistant and Crisis Services Associate


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