Threatened with Homelessness… You welcomed Shari into Jesus’ loving embrace!

“I had nowhere to go,” said Shari. “Everything was chaos.”

That was March 2020, right when COVID began. Shari had been living with a family friend here in Bellingham when her friend passed away unexpectedly. With little to no time to find another place to live, Shari was facing homelessness.

“That’s when I learned about Agape Home at Lighthouse Mission,” said Shari. At Agape, Shari was greeted with warm, welcoming smiles. “Everyone was so friendly,” she said.

The “little things” that you help provide make a BIG difference!

“At the Mission, I see how much people put their heart into what they do, and I love that,” said Shari. 

“I remember seeing the quilt on the bed that was going to be my bed. For some reason that quilt made a big difference to me.”

Shari has been sharing her expertise by teaching two art classes each week at Agape Home. “The other ladies seem to love it, so I’m glad,” she said.

Your Support Opened a Door of Opportunity for Shari

Shari has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Art History but had not worked for some time. With the help of the Mission, she completed a course through the National Gallery of Fine Art, where she became certified in “Artful Thinking” — a method for teaching critical thinking through analytical discussions of artwork.

“The Mission paid for me to take that course,” she said, “and it just opened the door for me.” Shari has been sharing her expertise by leading two art-focused classes each week at Agape Home. “The other ladies have given good reviews of my class,” she said. “They seem to love it, so I’m glad.”

A Bright Future for Shari and Others — Thanks to You!
“To see women change, to see them grow in a spiritual way, to see them letting go of some of their fears… that has probably been the biggest impact on me,” said Shari.

Today, Shari is getting settled into her new apartment! “I look forward to pursuing my dream of teaching as a profession,” she said. “Maybe I’ll be teaching at a university one day!”

Thank you for all you have made possible in Shari’s life (and the lives of so many others). We can’t wait to see where God takes her.


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