In Loving Memory of Frank

The care you offer makes a difference!

Earlier this year, Frank, a Base Camp guest, had a medical emergency where he lost consciousness. Staff responded immediately and performed CPR until medical professionals arrived.

Tragically, Frank passed away.

When the EMT staff asked for his emergency contacts, the reply that came was grim, “There are no emergency contacts.”

Frank had no one to list in case of an emergency.

No spouse. No kids. No relatives.

You help create family for those who have none.

Thanks to your generous support of the Mission, the staff, volunteers, and guests at Base Camp were Frank’s friends—and his community. His life mattered, and the staff cared deeply for him.

It was a devastating loss. We were saddened and also honored to be the ones to remember Frank. The mission you make possible at Lighthouse is holy, urgent, life-changing work to love our homeless neighbors as Jesus loves them.

A staff member plays a song during one of Lighthouse Mission’s quarterly memorial services for guests.

As we launch the new building project, we think of Frank and so many others in our community who have no one to count on and nowhere else to turn. This project is for them. As a friend of the Mission, we know this is important to you and prayerfully ask that you will support this project.

Learn more about the new building project and all that your generous support will make possible at


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As a Christian gospel ministry, LMM is completely supported by our generous local community.
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