Gifts in Memory and Honor: November

Gifts given between November 1 and November 31

Thank you for honoring your loved ones with these special gifts to help neighbors in need.

Lighthouse Mission received gifts in loving memory of the following precious people:

Beth Wallace
Carol Louise Lingbloom
Carol Tjoelker
Carol Zagnoli
Cheryl Thomas
Darryl Ehlers
Dr. Eric Moldver
Elisa Gonzalez
Forrest G
Glynn Catledge
Grammy Lew
Joe Parker
John Craig Cochran
Jonas Linvog
Kathleen Yoder
Kenny Brown
L. Herlwyn Lutz
Luke Button
Meredith Runestrand
Michael Resop
Mike Resop
Myron Hilty
Nadine Huls
Nancy Gailbrith
Pat Tyson
Scott Eardman
Shirlee Floerschinger Meyers
Tommy J
Vitaliy Madyka

Lighthouse Mission received gifts in honor of the following precious people:

Alice Ryser
Anna Moritz
Aurora and Athena
Bellingham homeless.
Brian Batdorf
Cook-Lindsay Family
David McPeake
David Ramney
Dude the Cat
Jacob and Zachary
Joe R.
Kael Martin
Noah Bull
PWN WWP Wittmer
Sean O’Connell
Susan Lanahan
Warren and Thelma Barnes

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