Hope for Bellingham: Documentary Film

The full-length documentary of our Hope for Bellingham video series is out now. Check it out to gain insight into homelessness and get involved in the solutions. 

This 42-minute documentary includes interviews with Lighthouse Mission guests, staff and volunteers, and explains how the holistic model of outreach, recovery and restoration guides us in caring for every aspect of people’s lives.

“Hope for Bellingham” has five chapters:

  • Falling into Homelessness
  • Trust: The First Step towards Healing
  • Road to Recovery: Addressing Trauma
  • Restoration: Getting Your Life Back
  • Community: All in to Heal Homelessness

You can watch it now here: https://youtu.be/ZCdnI-oW6wY

Want to get involved? Please visit thelighthousemission.org/how-to-help/volunteer today, where you can sign up for a volunteer interest meeting.

Want to get in touch? Email us at contact@thelighthousemission.org or give us a call at 360-733-5120. We would love to speak with you!

This documentary was produced by Veritas Media and powered by Faithlife and Windermere Realty. We’re grateful for their concern for our neighbors who are homeless.


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