Tommy Needed Another Chance at Recovery… and Today He is Clean and Sober, Thanks to you!

After a fishing season in Alaska was cut short due to record low numbers of fish, Tommy found himself in a tough spot… with no job and no place to live.

He was desperate for temporary work to tide him over until the next fishing season. However, not many people were looking to hire an elderly man, struggling in the grips of addiction.

That’s how Tommy first ended up at Base Camp (our drop-in shelter).

God Begins to Work in Tommy’s Life

During Tommy’s first stay at the Lighthouse Mission, he wasn’t interested in recovery, but his time with us was certainly not wasted. He got to experience the grace and hope the Mission offers to all our guests.

Over the next six years, Tommy continually returned to the Mission—needing help, not knowing where else to turn. Through this time of struggle, God was at work in Tommy’s heart…

A Losing Battle with Sobriety

In time Tommy’s age finally caught up with him. He was no longer able to make the trip to Alaska and work the long, hard hours.

With no other options, he reluctantly agreed to give recovery a try.

Tommy managed to stay in the Ascent Program for six months, clean and sober, before giving up and leaving the program to find a job so he could drink. The job didn’t last long—and neither did the money—and Tommy soon found himself back at the Base Camp shelter.

Tommy is one of nearly 30% of alcoholics who go into traditional recovery and relapse within their first year. But you didn’t give up on him!

Grace and a Second Chance at Recovery—Thanks to YOU!

After a few weeks at Base Camp, Tommy made his way over to the Ascent Program building and asked to be given another chance.

Today, Tommy is clean and sober going on 11 months (the longest he’s been sober since the age of 13)!

Thank you for being there for Tommy when he needed it the most.


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