Libby Says, “No More!” to Life on the Street

Recently, our Street Connect crew was leaving the Walmart parking lot when they saw a young woman, frantically waving them down.

“At first, we thought she was in need of socks or something to eat or drink,” said one of the Street Connect crew. Yet, that’s not what the woman wanted.

Enough is Enough

Street Connect crew had come in contact with Libby many times before, as they reached out, building trust, handing out food and helpful items, and showing her and other neighbors who are homeless that we care about them. Today, Libby had had enough of the homeless lifestyle — she knew we were the ones who could help change that.

“Please take me with you back to the Mission!” she said. “I want to get signed up for the Agape Home” (our women’s program).

“It was a great feeling to know she was aware of the types of services we could provide,” shared the crew member.
We drove down the street, picked up Libby’s personal belongings, and drove back to the Mission.

New Life For Libby — Thanks to YOU!

After arriving at the Mission, Libby was greeted by a caring staff member who got her an Agape Home application and a hot shower. She was so thankful and excited that we were there to help when she needed it. Through months of connecting with this woman, building trust through outreach, and meeting her basic needs, we created a relationship where she knew we were there to help her take steps toward recovery.

Today, through your support, Libby and others know who to call/where to go when they are ready for change.

Thank you for helping reach out to neighbors like Libby.


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