Justin's Story

Justin’s Story

Justin recently graduated from our New Life Program.  He said this after his graduation from the year-long recovery program:

I’d like to give praise and glory to my savior Jesus Christ. So much has happened over the last 18 months of my life.  I want to say thank you, I’ve had history here at Lighthouse Mission, I’ve been here a few times.

I was finally at a place where I was broken when I found myself at the emergency room in Seattle because I had overdosed on drugs. I was scared, so I picked up the phone and called Ron (Executive Director). You’ve always had an open door for me. I believe the importance of this place being called the Lighthouse because it truly has been a beacon of light for my life and a place for me when I didn’t know where to go.

You’ve taught me that I’m able to trust, that I can face fears and insecurities and I don’t have to wear a mask. I’m thankful for the trust you’ve built with me and for teaching me how to set boundaries with myself, with friends, with family and with others.

 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17.

God has freed me from chains. The New Life Program gave me five pillars. The first pillar was I had to come to a state of brokenness.  I’ve been broken a lot of times, but my heart wasn’t willing to take the action. This time around I was ready to take whatever action that was possible and that action was surrendering and that was the second pillar for me.

Truly learning how to surrender over my selfishness and my desired for God’s will lead me to the third pillar which is forgiveness. To experience God’s forgiveness and be able to feel it internally and not just say it outwardly brought me to understand God’s grace for my life and other people’s lives and that was the fourth pillar. And from the grace and being overwhelmed by it, I have gained an attitude of gratitude in my life.  It’s in the way that I walk and in the way that I talk to other people.  I still have a lot to learn and I stumble daily.  But with great friends and people around me that keep me accountable, I know that I’m on a long and beautiful road to having my eternity secured in heaven.

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