Thanksgiving 2013
December 06, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner

The volunteers arrived, the set up went smoothly, guests lined up at the door, and the event went off without a hitch. This year’s Thanksgiving community meal was a success. As people wandered in they were kindly greeted by a volunteer, shown to a table, and then had their order taken in true restaurant style.

Being able to come inside from the cold, have a hot Thanksgiving meal, enjoy a calming atmosphere and feel no responsibility was a unique experience. Many of the community members at the meal have not had a chance to be served in this style for a long time. There were smiles on the faces of the attendees who lit up as their food was put on the table in front of them.

Donations of food, supplies, money and blessings from the community led to a team of 140 volunteers putting together the day-of event. Teams cooked, baked, set up, served, tore down and put their heart into making visitors feel welcome in this feast.

In all, 700 plates of food were consumed, making it the biggest turn out yet. The room was constantly full during the two hours of service, and guests left looking satisfied and pleased with their time there.

“We showed love to our community and got to serve those who rarely would get a sit-down meal with waiters,” said Jessica Hess, Volunteer Coordinator. “It was awesome to watch all of our volunteers work cooperatively together at individual jobs to make the event come together so smoothly.”


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