February 23, 2023

Lighthouse Mission responds as frigid temperatures threaten lives of homeless

Lighthouse Mission Ministries is providing food and shelter in Bellingham to keep safe many who are homeless as wind-chill temperatures drop below 20 degrees this week.

The Lighthouse Mission overflow shelter can host up to 40 people in addition to 200 beds at the Base Camp emergency shelter. The overflow shelter, run by volunteers from Christ the King Church, started last December and continues through the end of February.

All shelter beds will likely be filled over the next several nights, according to Hans Erchinger-Davis, President & CEO at the Lighthouse Mission.     

“Frostbite and hypothermia are dangers that people on the streets face when the weather is so cold,” Erchinger-Davis said. “We ask our community to pray, volunteer and donate to support these hurting people.”

Erchinger-Davis said that people can come warm up inside Base Camp during the day, even when Base Camp is full at night. Base Camp is located at 1530 Cornwall Ave. in Bellingham.

Lighthouse Mission Ministries has been helping people who are homeless since 1923. It cares for up to 310 people each day and provides a continuum of services aimed at ending homelessness through street outreach, enhanced shelters, addiction recovery, spiritual support, and aftercare. To make a donation or volunteer, call (360) 733-5120, or visit www.thelighthousemission.org.


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