Meg’s Story

This is for all those single mothers out there that are going through hard times and think their lives can’t get any better.

My life has not been all that great. I had the best mom in the world, she took care of me and my siblings to the best of her ability, but she struggled a lot. When I was 7 my mother broke up with my father and met a new guy, and our relationship went downhill from there. She started to use meth as her drug of choice. She then got pregnant with my younger brother, stayed with his father and continued to use meth. If anyone has ever used any drug, you know how it takes over your life. My mother stopped caring for us and it seemed like she didn’t care about anything besides her habit.

When I was 12, we had moved about 10 times, never knowing if we would have food on the table. And to top it off, my dad left one day and never came back. I am 19 now and have been on my own since the age of 16. I am a teen mother of my beautiful 17 month old daughter.

My daughter’s dad and I had domestic violence problems the three years we were together. I had been staying with my daughter’s dad when we got evicted. Then, when she turned 6 months old, he left us. I was couch surfing for about five months after that happened. Just when I though my life couldn’t get any better, God walked into my life and answered my prayers. I got into the Agape Home, and asked God to protect me and my daughter.

After about four weeks of staying at the Agape Home, I have gotten a job, am going to school, and I am able to provide for my daughter. Things can get better if you just talk to God, He is there to help you along the way. Thanks to God and the Agape Home, I get a fresh start.


(Photos do not portray actual Lighthouse residents. Names changed to protect residents’ privacy.)


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