Jim's Story

All the comforts of home? Not exactly.

It may surprise you to hear that a lot of people still come to the Mission during the summer months, and the beds are just as full!  This summer, you may be looking forward to a vacation or camping trip, while others, like Jim, have been camping out all year. Hear Jim’s story:

It’s quiet, and often Jim doesn’t see another person for days.  He heads out to the food bank only when absolutely necessary.  His clothes are usually dirty.  His tent is patched and sometimes leaks.  And it’s been a long time since Jim has taken a shower.

Although it’s a place where Jim hopes to stay safe, he’s constantly plagued by fear.  An eighth of an inch of polyester is all that separates him from the world, a world where he could be stabbed or stolen from at any time.  What keeps someone in a place like this?  Mere survival, perhaps.  A false sense of freedom.  Trust issues.  Drug use.  A severe mental illness.

One day, Jim shows up at the front door of the Lighthouse Mission.  Tired and hopeless, he asks for some food and a clean shirt.  And he is welcomed in. Will you help Jim start his journey towards recovery today?  Will you prayerfully consider making a gift today and one more just like it in July?

P.S. Please give a gift in both June and July to help those in need this summer. The need is great and your gift will create real change in people’s lives!


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