Gifts in Memory & Honor: December

Gifts given between December 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020

Thank you for honoring your loved ones with these special gifts to help neighbors in need

Lighthouse Mission received gifts in memory of the following precious people:

Arvid Diemert
Bertram Hiscock
Cal Jager
Carol Zagnoli
Cecil Missiaen
Charity McGeary
David Ashton
Doede Postma
Dr. Eric Moldver
Elizabeth Hiebert
Ellen “Cookie” Hess
Erik Olaf Stromme
Gordon & Carole DeBruine
Gordon Neevel
Helen Ebright
Helen McLeod
Jordan Parnes
Ken & Nora Anderson
Kent Humphrey
Lynn Heimsoth
Mary Kipp
Mike Stephenson
Nadine Huls
Patricia Remiem
Patrick Hiestand
Peggy J Hinton
Ryan Daman
Sam Garcia
Scott Eardman
Thomas “Tommy” Junkersfeld
Tim Elenbaas
Tom Junkersfeld
Tom Stakkeland
Warren & Thalma Barnes
Wayne Freeze
William Lyons

Lighthouse Mission received gifts in honor of the following precious people:

Aaron Straight
Ada Voskuilen
Ann & Pug Edmunds of Alms Ministry
Ann Elarth
Annegret Bates
Audrey Weber
Barbara & William Beer
Ben Zobrist
Bill & Kaylene Edwards
Bob, Jovan, Simone, Sophia, and Isla Hall
Brian Lawler
Bryce Montoya
Cheryl (Reed Clark)
Connie Feutz
Constance Feutz
Dale and Diana Long
David Raney
Eric Moldver
Gary and Carol Haveman
Gregg Bailey
Ian & Jenny Rae
James Flint
Jan Harris
Jessica Hess
Jesus Christ
Jillian and Adam Schleicher
John Dune
John Garrigues
Julie Bracher
Julie Farrow
Kate Rae
Kathy Brugge
Kevin & Laura Carr
Kevin and Wendy Allex
Kevin Carr
Krista & Adrian Beer
Larry & Avalea Watts
Laura Faith
Leith Swenson
Lori and Dennis Borders
Lucy Henson
Luke Button
Lynn Broadhead
Marie & Dennis Whitcomb
Mark Stahl
Maureen Carr
Meritia Sturtz
Michael Spaid
Mike & Jennifer Boer
Misty Parris
Molly Tinkerhess
Nancy & James Wong
Nancy Alder
Ned Kluken
Our 3 children and 7 grandchildren
Patricia Woodall
Peter Segovia
Peter Van Dyk
Rachel Heyne
Rev. & Mrs. D.E. Nolting
Ruth Musonda
Sally Gibbs
Stan Humphreys
Steve and Charlene Carr
Sunny Woll
Susie Jones
The Angeli Family
The Frazier Family
The Jammer and both Gary’s Grandpas
Tien Nguyen
Timothy Lange

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