March 11, 2019

Cold Weather Shelter

The volunteer-run Cold Weather Shelter at Fountain Community Church has come to a conclusion for the year. This was their third year in operation! They partnered with us and were open each night from December 1 – March 1 and provided breakfast, dinner, and shelter to women and children in need. They even stepped up to open an additional area of the church to shelter men on a few of the coldest nights.

This church and its volunteers are amazing! We’re so thankful for the many volunteers who made the Cold Weather Shelter possible this year. Here’s what a couple of them had to say about the experience:

  • I learned to love those ladies… it’s a privilege to do it.”
  • “4 or 5 of the women regularly attend church!”
  • “A mother and two children were living in their car and a couple weeks ago they found a home!”

Thank you so much, Fountain Community for opening your doors.

And thank you to all who volunteered to make this a reality. You’ve shown Christ’s love to everyone you served.


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