Winter Weather Update

Letters from the Director
Lighthouse Mission Ministries

There has been a lot of misinformation about the Lighthouse Mission’s emergency shelter services that we want to clear up today. The Drop-In Center on Holly Street remains open 24 hours per day and has capacity. Last night we had beds available and did not have to ask Fountain Community Church to activate an additional 30 beds. We expect the need to be similar tonight, but in an abundance of caution, Fountain Community Church will be opening those additional beds tonight, so we anticipate we will have a total of 60 open beds between our shelters.

We are asking that the public respect our guests and staff and stay away from the shelter at night unless they are dropping off someone in need of services. Late last night we had several members of the public come to the shelter seeking information and tours of the facility, and we ask that the public respect the dignity and privacy of our guests and allow them to sleep during these cold winter nights. Unfortunately, we did have one person turned away last night by mistake, but we have capacity and are accepting anyone who comes to us. The only exception is if they have a history of violent offenses.

It is a priority that everyone who stays with us is safe and respected, and we appreciate your support in these efforts. We do not expect to reach capacity over the weekend, but if we do, we are in contact with our partners at the City of Bellingham and others to make sure everyone has an opportunity to be safe during these cold winter days and nights. Thanks again to all of our volunteers and partners for your help! For donations or to volunteer, please contact us through our website.

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